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Poem - Ebb and Flow

The poem “Ebb and Flow” is a statement of depression’s impact on a life. The poem has this title because depression is not static. It is not one color in one part of person’s life. Instead it does have a diverse impact. Some are apparent, others are not.

Ebb and Flow
Poem for Day 251 – 20150909

Ebb and flow,
too and fro,
depression's hand gropes my soul.

Functional person,
outward face,
smile applied as I fabricate.

Ongoing existence,
choices made,
meander onward to another day.

Set the bar,
do the dance,
show my capacity in captivity.

Lost in the world,
questioning all,
does it all matter if this is my way?

Walk outside the line,
raging against life,
decisions questionable as soul struggles on.

Life is bad,
no matter reality,
par for the course in the ebb and flow.

A final request,
one to my friends,
tell me how I'm real and not the disease.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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