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Poem - Brimstone

I'm listening to The Pendergast series book “Brimstone”. The story begins with a murder, seemingly by a cloven hoofed attacker. A character in the book discards the idea that it is the Devil, saying that being that public is not the Devil's nature. I believe this is true. In my estimation people like Karl Rove are the demonic entities walking among us. The poem “Brimstone” is about the devils of this world who control and scheme with the visible princes of the world.

Poem for Day 257 – 20150915

Look not for the Devil,
fiend of The Book
in deepest of shadows
and the hottest of hells.
He's here on this earth,
partner of the most high,
the fixer of problems
and elevator of men.

Look away from the limelight,
behind the leaders of all,
to the one with sly smiles,
and a desire to conspire.
Promotion of darkness
is his deepest desire.
The minions are eager
when help is at hand.

No cut is too deep,
no mud is too dirty,
the game is the thing
for the Lord of the Lies.
Invite him to dinner,
to serve at your side,
the meal will be served
with the enemy expired.

Promotion assured
for the followers of id.
Their master is masked
as his evil is spread.
He's here on this earth,
you'll never know him
unless you seek to exceed
with the help of his kind.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: devil, evil, poem

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