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Poem - Kissing in Public

Some of my poems are based on my life experiences. I can neither confirm nor deny that the poem “Kissing in Public” is in the category.

Kissing in Public
Poem for Day 258 – 20150916

That time we kissed,
the public display,
in front of the world,
when passion held sway.
The cars sped on by,
most did not notice
ardor expressed
in lover's amore.

Kissing consumed us,
we did not resist,
losing our loneliness
in salve of the lips.
Some drivers did hoot,
find humor with us.
Kissing in public,
we plunged in for more.

To kiss and to taste,
lips and mouth shared,
bodies embracing
to create our space.
Kissing in public,
no shame with ourselves,
purity of love
for all to then see.

It came to an end,
minutes or hours,
we knew not which one
when passion held sway.
That time we kissed,
it was not our last,
but to this day
I remember it well.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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