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Baby Butt Biters

My lovely mate and I enjoy watching "Most Haunted" Friday night on the Travel Channel. Each location starts off with the Yvette Fielding saying something like:

"murder, suicide, black magick... that is why we had to bring you to PLACE X"

So far we think we've heard the following descriptors:

black magick
ritualistic slayings
animal sacrifices
rivers of blood
child murders
(and so on)...

These were all very dramatic, but not dramatic enough. We knew there was something missing. After many sessions of table tipping, mirror scrying, cup moving, and the of use trigger objects, we've discovered the ultimate in paranormal manifestation. That's right. We discovered baby butt biters.

Just picture it. The show opens. Yvette says, "hangings, murder, baby butt biters... that's why we've brought you to Insley Hall". It certainly sets the eldritch mood!

We are not sure what these haunting beings truly are. There are three possibilities:

1) juvenile butt biters
3) small butts with teeth that bite
2) creatures that bite baby butts

Are these the only possibilities? Are there adult butt biters? Are butt biters a classic sign of a haunting? And if so, is it likely they are grounded in resident or just in visitation? Our most haunted minds want to know!!!
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