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Poem - Long to Love

The poem “Long to Love” is a rough experiment in poem creation. Often I have most of the poem written, but a single line or so is still “blocked out” with syllable placeholders. “Long to Love” plays with this idea, revealing secret messages hidden in a stanza.

Long to Love
Poem for Day 265 – 20150923

It is easy to write poetry,
simply follow the meter and beat.
In every x put a syllable
the poem will simply write itself.

x x x x x x x,
x x x x x x x.
x x x x x x x,
x x x x x x x.

I x x x x x x,
x love x x x x x x.
x x x x x x you x,
x x x x x x x friend.

I long to x x x x x,
x love x x x x x me.
x x as x x x you x.
x x love x me x x friend.

I long to dance under the stars
and love how they gaze down at me.
Lights move as one above you too,
God's true love for me and my friend.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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