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Poem - One True Faith

I truly do not understand those with cloistered belief structures. I am speaking of those who fear the larger part of the world because THEY have the true calling, and everyone else is lost. While religion tends in this direction, the world of politics is not immune to this phenomenon. Often the two cross, the hybrid is worst than it's separate parts.

One True Faith
Poem for Day 268 – 20150926

Faith is the only benchmark
of those of same wane heart
and similar dogmatic mind,
clustered to serve their own.

Show only love for the chosen ones,
turn your back on the other ones
in pursuit of a personal faith
contrary to your fellow men.

You'll know them by their works,
their comfort to ones like them.
You'll see their sincerity
in persecution of the other ones.

They glorify the ones just like them,
on a pedestal for all to see,
then wonder why the world reacts
with attacks against the one true faith.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: faith, poem, politics, religion

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