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Poem - To Dream in My Sleep

Our dreams are portals to meeting those lost to the waking life. Illusions? Yes, but still there is joy in such a small visitation.

To Dream in My Sleep
Poem for Day 269 – 20150927

To dream in my sleep,
not the waking kind,
is my deepest wish.
My dear awaits there,
in deepest shadow,
of sleeper's quest.

where mind's shadows
echo my desires
in hallucinations
of life's mirage.
Experienced by
my traveling self
through the longing
of past made present.

There you reside,
wearing another's
face, one or many,
portrayed against
stages of the past,
or those imagined,
when we meet again.

Hold my questing hand,
connect my cold lips,
absent from your arms,
this survivor's soul.
Find me and keep me,
here in reverie
of oblivion.

To dream in my sleep,
to never awake,
with the one I lost
so long ago.
May I always dream
of the one too soon
taken before me.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: dream, loss, poem, poetry

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