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Poem - Toast to the Words

The poem “Toast to the Words” is about the inner dialogues that are never spoken to actual words. It was inspired by a Tumblr posted book cover that read “Things I'll Never Say”.

Toast to the Words
Poem for Day 270 – 20150928

Here's to the things I'll never say,
a toast to the words best unspoken
in the space between you and me.
Hanging there on the precipice,
with the gravity of a thousand suns,
the words that would reshape reality.

I could to state my inner desires,
all the things I've kept inside,
safe from view by a judging world.
Shunned by the light of revealing day,
twisted by dark of silent abuse,
revelations by the reticent mute.

My hopes and dreams are fairly lewd,
unconventional by polite discourse,
held in reserve by a heart most shy.
To shock perhaps would be the outcome,
I can only hope you'll share some of my view,
another soul seeking relief from the world.

My fears and dreads are of the child,
immature by common measurement,
withheld from you so you won't judge.
An adult would disabuse my words,
ask me to reconcile the high mountains,
the minefields of a life confused.

How can I tell you my secrets,
my thoughts of a world dark sublime,
those things that connect you and me?
Would they change how you relate
to the lustful creep and scared child
with words damning in their statement?

Here's to the things I'll never say,
the shadow behind the one you see,
the manikin of a person incomplete.
If you'd like to see the full monty,
ask me crack the door and pour forth
the words that would reshape reality.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: poem, unspoken, words

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