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Poem - Take the Photo

Viewing a past Kate Bush album cover "The Sensual World" got me thinking about photos of the past. I've been using photos from the 90's as pictorial accompaniment to my poems. The photos speak to people who are now in their late 40s or early 50s. The younger versions of themselves are as gone as my younger self is. There are the photos I have, but what of the times that are not captured? How are these remembered, and what price would be paid to somehow have a photo of the time?

Take the Photo
Poem for Day 271 – 20150929

If I could go back to take the photo.
Turn back all the years with the camera.
We would be younger than we are now,
reliving the moments that were meant to last.

Siblings and elders together again,
mother and father and grand alike,
paternal and adopted and step included
captured in memory of the photo.

First met, first kiss, first love of mine,
distant acquaintance now by the years,
perhaps gone or feelings gone sour,
photo bring the past back from lore.

The crowd together before the partings,
the deaths and distant wanderings,
could a better group be found again
without the help of the photo's hand?

This photo is all I beg of God,
to visit that time would be blessing,
to see them again and feel their hugs
in the photo's image of life relived.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: photo, poem, remembering

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