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Poem - Drown the World

One of my poetry themes is “tears”. I solicited a friend for feedback on why people cry. They shared their thoughts, and the common conclusion that tears are from the heart, be they tears of relief or tears of pain. The poem “Drown the World” explores the subject of tears from both of these sides.

Drown the World
Poem for Day 273 – 20151001

Ask me why I wipe my eyes,
I'll say that I fear for the land,
that the dry will be consumed
by the torrents that wait inside.
There is a common thread,
similarity of all my tears.
They come from the heart,
expressions of life's emotions.

Mark the moment in time,
the one promised by fairy tales,
now found in reality's realm
at the beckoning of bent knee.
The tears of love rush from joy,
knowledge of separateness resolved,
two streams flowing together
into the reservoir of the one.

In contrast are the harsh moments,
eyes blinded, unable to see,
small mercy as the cuts run red,
scattered drops with weeping blend.
The tears of defeat fight the pain,
to drown the fires of inner rage.
Seeking to wash away the shame
from the soul by life now soiled.

I wonder if I can resolve
this relating to such a vibrant world,
so full of the cruel and the kind,
releasing an ocean from the heart.
My emotion is unpaused,
lamenting and celebrating,
my heart afloat on a sea of tears
enough to drown the world.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: joy, poem, poetry, sorrow, tears

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