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Poem - Kicked in the Head

Military exercises in Texas led people to believe that Obama was going to establish martial law in Republican strongholds. Crazy? I have to admit that the Bush Junior years had me nervous. The neoconservative leanings of our government did not bode well of those of uncooperative spirit. The poem “Kicked in The Head” is a rather dark poem speaking to the extremes of totalitarian governments.

Kicked in the Head
Poem for Day 274 – 20151002

Getting kicked in the head
is better than one in the gut.
I'll lose full consciousness
at the feet of those who hate.

No hole is deep enough
against the saviors of the world.
To achieve purity was their goal
with the fist of their pious rules.

Brain damage will be the result,
a coma from a worldly hell.
To sleep and to not dream perhaps,
escape from the other's realm.

Imprisonment is for your good,
an opportunity to deprogram the bad.
Relax and feel the rightness drip in
at the end of the doctor's tool.

I'll stay here if you don't mind,
secure in the inner blackness.
You'll take possession of me bodily
and my mind will be my own.

One day the world will be clean,
swept clear of the human litter.
Re-educated for the good of all,
released when they are tame.

I'll take the kick in the head,
remove my tainted consciousness.
Take the world for your kind,
leave me to my forever slumber.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: oppression, poem

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