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Poem - Holy Ground

I find myself in a situation that I think may end badly if I “don't get my way”. After a lot of thought I realized that I am in error. The outcome will not be as bad as I think it may. The outcome will also not be as rosy as the other person thinks. It will be somewhere in between, and I am granted the ability to do my best to find an in between that is least painful. These thoughts informed the poem “Holy Ground”.

Holy Ground
Poem for Day 276 – 20151004

The world will end you say for sure,
calamity the outcome of plans deplored.
The other's way is fraught with peril,
yours is pure with perfect truth.
Three sides to every argument,
yours and theirs and the actual way,
different from the two paths qualified
by opponents with endings preordained.

Make a plan, state a position,
make a line there in the sand.
You'll be sure for one thing to happen,
God will laugh and laugh and laugh.
Truth is a slave to none,
seeking the holy middle ground.
Seek not the ultimatums,
the Lady will have her say.

Where neither one is fully right,
and neither one is fully wrong,
this is the blessed state of grace
begging for a compromise.
Do you want for things to end
the way you say is dire for all?
Is it better to find the holy ground
to save the world and lose the fight?

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: compromise, poem, positions

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