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Poem - Waking Up

A really incredible friend stated "Waking up from the good dreams is the hardest thing". I took this as inspiration. The poem "Waking Up" is the result. I have to admit that I struggle with things that lead me to stay asleep. The alternative seems pretty bleak, more than I would want to state here. IMO life is lived in balance, and I should awake, with the knowledge that I love myself enough to dream in moderation.

Waking Up
Poem for Day 279 – 20151007

Waking up is the hardest thing,
something I fear to achieve
in my frightful world relating.
There are some many ways,
methods of being absent,
to be asleep to the world.

I could self-medicate,
be numb or high or otherwise,
with drugs of choice so varied.
I could pump the endorphins,
with dance or sex or running,
or some mix of all of the above.

I could escape into a book,
submerge into other lives
in the chapters of other realms.
I could blank the noisy mind,
seeking the higher awareness
and taping into the inner calm.

I could submerge myself in the games,
electronic lands in computer bits,
become another as I rule the realm.
I could divert my attention
with pretty things and people too,
smokescreen from the outward strife.

All of these could be my path
to dreams away from my reality,
fear and uncertainty and dread.
Waking up is the hardest thing,
my examinations tell me so,
there is one more thing to say.

I wonder what I truly fear,
the things that I try to avoid,
perhaps to wake is its own reward.
Then I'll be at peace with awake,
and the expert at the dreaming,
able to live a life of the two combined.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: awake, dreaming, life, poem

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