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Poem - To Each Their Own

I find attraction to be a magical and powerful mystery. The poem “To Each Their Own” is an observation of those things that trigger and support attraction. The list is not all inclusive. I can admit that I have a thing for noses. Some shapes are very attractive. In the end we do pursue a unique collection of “tastes”, and with luck, we encounter people who match our desires.

To Each Their Own
Poem for Day 280 – 20151008

To each their own is the phrase
defining the inclinations
of a life lived most honestly
on the shores of predilection.
The destinations will baffle some,
this matters little when we alone
in this world seeking beauty in our midst
and finding it in patterns of our own.

The ships sail by of gender same
or gender different, each their own,
proclivity of attraction steers
likings in ways personal to describe.
All the curves both hard and soft,
subtle and pronounced in their shape,
draw the eye as interest manifests
focuses on the physical constructs.

So many tints of the witching eyes,
doorways to deep desires evoked
on alters of gaze's windows
striking straight to my very soul.
Hair long or short, of colors specific,
can turn the head without thought.
I'll follow my scarlet disposition,
you may have a different fondness.

Discern the most beautiful mind
by the bearer's lovely cerebral ways.
By action of written or spoken art,
the intellect shines with fondness.
Last but not least the spiritual path,
revelations of the soul's journey,
to seek and quest for larger thing
triggers a passion for a similar soul.

Gentle reader this is a sample
of humanity's preferred partialities.
There are so many more,
some of the norm and others bizarre.
To each their own remains the phrase
of attraction's mystery in our midst.
Seek your personal proclivity
as you pursue your propensity.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: attraction, desire, poem

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