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Poem - Not Enough

Intimacy is a wonderful thing. There are many levels of making contact with others. The poem “Not Enough” explores a few of these.

Not Enough
Poem for Day 282 – 20151010

I don't think we greet enough
say hello, howdy, how yall do
in recognized salute of self
with wonder of the fellow man.

I don't think we hug enough,
enfold in fondness another one.
Decrease the distant in the world
so two are one in arm's embrace.

I don't think we kiss enough,
be it on the lips or somewhere else.
An intimate touch would refresh
the soul lay barren by loneliness.

I don't think we dance enough
intimacy relished with shared choice.
Be with it clothes on or off,
I'll await the time when we're inclined.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: intimacy, poem

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