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Poem - Maiden of Flame

I had the opportunity to once again watch some wonderful fire play. This inspired the poem “Maiden of Flame”, an emotional exploration of those who bring the spark of passion to a life.

Maiden of Flame
Poem for Day 284 – 20151012

Banked by the winter, numb to the touch,
the coals lay fallow awaiting your hand.
Maiden of Flame, burn through my heart,
ignite the embers once cold to the touch.

Curtained by life, too long looking
into the void of black loneliness.
Sweet source of light, show me the way,
passion's glow give sight to the blind.

Too long famished with no respite,
I am a phantom of dearth appetite.
Blaze of the beauty, heat of desire,
fill me with your earthly delights.

Life cold as a grave, still as the night,
this too will end with maiden's embrace.
Purveyor of life's passion at hand,
resurrect this one too long lain.

The Maiden of Flame burning bright,
savior of this one once lost.
My life is now the twin blaze
to the brilliance igniting my heart.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: life, passion, poem, spark

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