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Poem - Dance Between Breaths

Dance has the ability to transform strangers into collaborative partners, and associated into near intimates. The poem “Space Between Breaths” is about this phenomenon.

Space Between Breaths
Poem for Day 286 – 20151014

In the space between breaths,
in the gaps of our lives,
we dance as near intimates.
As lovers that will never be,
phantoms of words never said,
held together by the dance.

Do not ask how this could be,
the touch held long in compare
to life's space outside of dance.
Grace granted to the dancers,
forgiveness for lingering
in the ecstatic place.

Worry not of the speech silent,
with two bodies in dialogue
saying more than words allow.
The mutterings hold paradox,
of shallow pledges spoken to each
as the hands and feet say much more.

So we'll dance to the tune,
the rhythm played for all, only heard by us,
as we glide across the floor.
The gaps will ask for recompense,
we will reply with our best,
dancing as near intimates.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: dance, poem

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