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Poem - Awesome

A friend inspired me to write the poem “Awesome”. I am fortunate to witness the progress of a small handful of lives. In these there are hardships and joys. There are triumphs and rebirths. Most of all, there is promise of things yet to come. This poem is about one such person.

Poem for Day 287 – 20151015

Dare I express my gratitude
for your place here in the world.
Could I whisper my compassion
for a soul so awesome to me?
I would compare you to a rose,
and praise your accomplishments.
This I do only with quiet constraint
as I flitter on the edge of your life.

Survivor of the winter harsh,
when dreams were dashed
and hearts were smashed,
and still you press ever on.
Rose yet to fully bloom,
promise made to the world,
beauty held in reserve,
this is how I see you now.

Performer brave on the stage,
pressed to share your heart
heavy with wisdom of times both hard
and happy beyond the pale of life.
Conveyor of the muse's gifts,
by lyric wrote and note plucked.
Resolute in the bard's journey,
destined to share so much more.

Dare not the shadows to intrude
on a person shone in God's light.
The inspiration of so many ones
that walk along side of you.
If you must pass through the valley,
know that you are not alone.
Winter's breath, beginning steps,
these will pass and you will bloom.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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