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Poem - Flames

Life has many twists and turns. The improbable happens everyday, and sometimes, periods of time for the outcomes may take years. The poem “Flames” is about such a situation.

Poem for Day 289 – 20151017

Flames spit across two worlds,
burning bright unto themselves.
Potential begs for consideration
of what two flames may do together.

Ages close enough if fates declare
that strangers are met to reconcile
separate paths so walked for many years
are meant to merge in future days.

Distance is the gulf in between,
bridged if they are to be together.
Pay it no heed if they are serious
in seeing how this may progress.

They'll each bring baggage high,
rally to remove the most odious.
The past is meant to stay its place
when hearts move forward running light.

One life may be in its twilight,
not too late, but still winding down.
Another yet to burst into brilliance,
for a world all to see.

Then together they'll grow older,
flames may sputter with the wind
of dusk's breezes blowing in,
but still bright enough to show the way.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: journey, life, partners, poem

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