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Poem - Monster Inside

Life can be a struggle to hold the stuff together. Life is lived on the edge of something raw, wanting to express itself. Civility becomes an arrangement for people to play well together. I started writing “Monster Inside” because of an experience in my life. When I sought to finish the poem I realized that it is as much about myself.

Monster Inside
Poem for Day 290 – 20151018

Do you really believe the things you say?
In a moment of sanity,
pick one at random for this poll,
would you scream the same thing then?
If you said that thing while in sobriety,
clearness of mind and soul alike,
would it resonate with a truth
that you embrace in delirium?

You said it twice more perhaps,
so do not tell me it is a passing thought.
There is resolution in your remarks,
and this scares itself is terror to me.
The moment of tension reveals much,
as do those of anger and rage.
Are you that person I saw then,
a monster hiding under human skin?

Has the masque fallen away today?
I've seen this before and wondered.
How much of this always lurks,
hidden from sight by seeming normality.
The final laugh is on me you'll see,
as I look in the mirror there,
Is this how you view me,
another soul with a monster inside?

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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