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Poem - Path Revealed

The poem “Path Revealed” is dedicated to all the people who either directly inspired me or went ahead of me so I could pursue my art in the way I do.

Path Revealed
Poem for Day 291 – 20151019

You've revealed the path to me,
the trail through the thorns of life.
I'd never believe it was there
until you walked ahead of me.
Blood was drawn on the barbs
set by those not ready for our view.
I've gained my share of scars,
but they are nothing compared to yours.

There was the mountain pass,
a path between the high hills.
It would have remained out of sight
if you had not tread ahead in the peaks.
I would not have know where to seek
the way to move forward in my art.
Now I have my own way to roam,
up and over the barriers of life.

On the giant's shoulders I see above
the four walls of my shabby box.
The barriers hid the view beyond,
but know I can see the breadth of the world.
Those shoulders feel so wide in support
of a lesser seeking to dream as well.
I soar now beyond my origins,
that box meant to be my life's casket.

So many have walked through my life,
bit players in a drama unconcerned.
They faded back when you arrived,
the shining light that led me out.
Now I strive to provide the same
to those who may come after me.
If I could pale share your dream,
I'll leave this world a better place.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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