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Poem - The Tunes Understand

The poem “The Tunes Understand” was inspired while I listened to the song "Dorian" by Anges Obel. I've written about my love of music and songs before. Here is another exclamation of the importance of music in my life.

The Tunes Understand
Poem for Day 292 – 20151020

I'd love to live in the music,
inhabit my favorite songs.
I'll escape from this living,
embrace the bass beat instead.
Mirror of a life complicated,
My heart may remain broken,
my passion may be enraged,
but the tunes do understand.

There is far more beauty within
the notes and melodies played
than in dreams asleep and awake
through which I must struggle on.
Memories retrieved from the well
of life's past mostly forgotten.
Times good and bad they may have been,
all in my favorite music.

Invisible spirits of air,
carry the music to my ears.
Bequeath your gift of harmony,
a composition sure to save my soul.
I'll move when there is no wind,
no one there to push me about.
I'm possessed by the melody,
slave to the rhythm of the beat.

Do not stray far from my side
songs of my youth now passed.
My mellow is reestablished
when I embrace the melodic.
Whatever life may throw my way
the songs will brace me this day.
I remain flawed as a man,
but the tunes do understand.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: life, music, poem

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