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Poem - Beautiful Lady

A friend wrote about the bane of makeup, and how it becomes too integral in the judgment of others. My poem “Beautiful Lady” contemplates her brave words.

Beautiful Lady
Poem for Day 293 – 20151021

Beautiful lady, free of paint,
I bear witness to your transparency,
your soul bare of cosmetics,
unburdened by worldly affects.
When I see you I know it's true,
the vision of God's true face.
No agenda is hidden here,
I celebrate at your true form.
The world disagrees with me,
their souls are broken by history.
I wonder if they can comprehend
the depth of their transparency.

Why does the world relegate
your fashion choice to be judged?
What has constructed this bold lie,
that you are dirty, ugly, or lazy?
The fanciful has spoiled the rest,
the bar set too high for the common.
There is more to life than being painted,
more to do than primping and preening.
Attention put elsewhere is condemned
instead of praise for the its wisdom.
There is more to life than looking good
when the welfare of all is concerned.

They say you are invisible,
the gaudy is required to catch the eye.
I say that this is far from the truth,
there is more at play than this.
The clowns may attract attention,
hiding frowns behind the painted smiles.
I'd never want this for you my friend,
fly free from the disguise of pain.
You'll not hide yourself behind
arcs of dark and brush of blush.
You're on display as imperfect human,
so much more than a perfect masque.

I've said my peace for all to hear,
an advocate for my natural friend.
How I wish you could believe
these words I've written for you to see.
Perhaps you do, and this is my hope,
and all that is left is to celebrate.
To speak our minds, to show our colors,
in ways natural to who we are.
In the endless is so much more,
the Lord's face showing as it is meant
on his daughter's visage free of shame
unburdened by worldly affects.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: beauty, natural, poem

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