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Poem - Life as a Dance

The poem “Life as Dance” was inspired by the motivation and direction provided by music during dances. The experienced dancers experience more than just a set of dance moves. They experience the underlying direction of the music, and to this end the dance is realized.

Life as a Dance
Poem for Day 295 – 20151023

If I could always live life as a dance,
moves synchronized to the beat,
not left to chance or accident,
I'll work through my routine,
seek to add something new,
to thrill my partner once again.

The musicians are my partners,
purveyors of the melodies,
tunes delivered for our use.
I'll work with the minstrel's intent,
blueprint suggested but not demanded,
for our dance of combination.

Others don't do the same as us,
the rhythms speaks differently,
this matters little in our groove.
We may go fast or slow, I don't know,
the beats will direct our feet
as follow we their direction, hand to hand.

I came here to dance with you,
the harmony has linked us
to caper as tunes motivate.
We're not rushing, but always moving,
never still while the notes solicit
we'll to respond and never stop.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: dance, poem

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