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Poem - Sanctified Evil

Scott Peck, the author of the excellent book “People of the Lie”, defines evil as “I define evil, then, as the exercise of political power -- that is, the imposition of one’s will upon others by overt or covert coercion -- in order to avoid extending one’s self for the purpose of nurturing spiritual growth. Ordinary laziness is nonlove; evil is antilove.”. My poem “Sanctified Evil” explores this thought further.

Sanctified Evil
Poem for Day 296 – 20151024

Of all the evils in the world,
the least is the greatest in your eyes.
So little harm done to you and yours
and yet you fight it with all you have.

One could wonder why this is so,
why you rally against things so small.
The answer is in the words you see,
the definition of evil to you and me.

Evil is the persecution of other men,
wounds physical or mental done to them.
Typically this is done for a gain,
though the amount is often so inane.

There are three things that promote your action,
the evil exacted on those around you.
I wonder if you are aware of them
in your focus to bend the world.

A deadly mix are these three,
feeding on each other in triad glee.
In the end you feel no shame,
your heart and soul sold away.

First there are the fears you have,
those people or ways you don't understand.
A primal response is the natural result,
if only you didn't use it to rule the world.

Secondly you bend your will to other men,
allegiances made for a common goal.
This would be a thing of good
if you did not in turn sell your soul.

Lastly you gain power for its own sake,
fearing a fall from from your higher place.
It matters not how you sustain the height,
humanity be damned to hold the line.

And there you are on the high throne,
claiming you share it with God alone.
The evil you do is the most base kind,
sanctified in fear, debts, and clasping hands.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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