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Poem - The Dance is Over

There is a time when a dance ends, parting salutations are given, and you must walk away from the other person. Am I the only one that finds this to be an emotionally awkward moment? The poem “The Dance is Over” shares my sentiments.

The Dance is Over
Poem for Day 297 – 20151025

The dance is over, no more to say,
I wish it could be some other way.
Perhaps we can linger for a time,
our dance is over, we must part.
Other dancers ask for our time,
both ones we know and new faces.
Some for me and some for you,
our popularity brings them in.

Our time together was too short,
the dancing had just begun.
The minutes flew in your embrace
when Father Time staked his claim.
Pure joy we had, with hearts racing,
from the physical exertion.
Yes indeed, that was a cause,
my emotions also had some part in it.

We had our time and now it's past,
one silver lining is still at hand.
The future holds a soothing promise,
that we will dance again some day.
There should be some ritual,
acknowledgment of paths pursued.
A simple nod is not enough
when lives have shared the magic dance.

We share a parting of consequence,
this is more than a coincidence.
We met and danced as two may do,
now we part ways much richer too.
The last strain of music fades,
the song is ending to our dismay.
The lingering notes do their part,
echoing delight of souls entwined.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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