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Poem - Original Traveler

A friend is traveling the road and posting gorgeous photos and videos of her travels. This inspired me to write the poem “Original Traveler”.

Original Traveler
Poem for Day 299 – 20151027

Witness the vicarious life,
lived through another's eyes.
Walking along far flung streets
courtesy of another's footsteps.
I do not blush when I admit
that I find comfort in these trips,
knowing what could have been,
I sit right here and spend my day.

Yet part of me would like to see
the same sights so far away.
Your pictures show just so much,
I suspect here is much more to life.
The smells, the sounds, the companionship,
of souls met along the traveler’s route,
these are embraced by you my friend
while I wonder if I could begin again.

No moss will grow under these feet,
dust will blow from my cheeks.
I'll sprint throughout this wide world
with my traveling muse as my guide.
Then others will gaze at my ramblings,
and be inspired by my traveling.
I would lay it at your feet my friend,
the original adventurer gone yet again.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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