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Poem - Star Dreamer

The poem “Star Dreamer” started out as a four line stanza. These four lines found their way into the final product, along with a whimsical consideration of adventure for its own sake. The poem is dedicated to my friends and associates who dream large about life.

Star Dreamer
Poem for Day 300 – 20151028

They warned that I strove for too much,
aspirations far above my fellow man.
Didn't I consider humanity
before I lived among the stars?
To work and work could be my lot
if I chose to walk their path of life.
I dare to seek to rise above
this well trod path of normality.

The realms of space and far beyond
are worth much more than a typical life.
Give me the chance to rise above,
risk it all in the vacuum of space.
Few have dared to go this way,
fewer returned from far domain.
Still I want to fly so high,
to touch God's face while I’m still alive.

The planets call this adventurous soul,
asked not to fly yet wanting more.
Strap on the rockets, I'll blast off,
away from earthly orbit.
To dream of lands beyond my kin,
valleys wide and mountains high,
on other worlds I'll see it all,
with fortune's aid and a bit of luck.

They ask if my life will be a casualty
of reality imposing on my desires.
I do not know what they mean,
my life is all that I've dreamed.
And so I turn and take my leave,
a final word passed to those stayed.
I said I would perhaps pass this way
when I returned from the stars one day.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: adventure, aspirations, poem

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