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Poem - Life So Large

An incredibly wonderful person in my life inspired me to write the poem “Life So Large”. Life is a struggle. While showing up may not be the full answer, doing so with a bravery bordering on insanity may be the key.

Life So Large
Poem for Day 302 – 20151030

Why is life so large,
so difficult for me?
Have I not practiced,
done enough to compete?
A thousand time over,
so many people met,
and still I wonder why
they look that way at me.

Other people comprehend
something I'm missing.
Maybe their cereal
contained the decoder ring.
Did I miss the lesson,
sick on the fateful day?
Is this why I'm now
in a life of remediation?

They say showing up
is half the battle here.
I've done this and more,
only to arrive here alone.
Is this what is meant to be,
a lack of sustaining company?
I'd ask for my money back
if I knew who I could blame.

Still I'll strive and try
to make sense of this life.
There is such promise,
so much beauty to comprehend.
My breath is stolen by the sights,
across the gulf I feel inside.
I reach with arms now so weary,
yet willing to try once again.

You my friend, the lovely one,
so full of joy for life's outcome,
lend me the secret you hold close,
silent partner of your bold success.
You say that it is nothing more
than loving self in fearless way.
That life takes this lead to heart,
that life is lived and not fought.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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