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Poem - The Veil is Thin

Samhain is traditionally celebrated from sunset on 31 October to sunset on 1 November. The poem “The Veil is Thin” explores the aspects of this time of year.

The Veil is Thin
Poem for Day 304 – 20151101

The veil is thin this time of year,
the harvest taken, no more in field.
The darker half has now begun,
echo of our mortality.
Our time on firma is regulated
by the wheel turning round and round.
The sum of minutes circumscribed,
bounded by birth and passing first and last.

Waiting on the other side,
a one way veil for most of us.
Loved ones passed but not forgotten,
wait for us in a place now removed.
Once alive and now they're gone,
phantoms in form, real in thought.
Memories hold them in place,
emotions the link to the deceased.

Wear the costume to greet the dead,
comfort made for those now passed.
Others are frightened from this place
when their company is to be dissuaded.
The fay are present in their numbers,
ready to help those who ask it.
They too seek the kind invite
to bestow their blessings on us this night.

Sunset draws near on this fated day,
the curtain is thin while hours pass.
Bid hello to the ones gone before,
they await summons with rapt heart.
The doorways are open for only a day,
think kindly of departed while you pray.
Ask their forbearance for those now left,
one day we'll meet in the Summerlands.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: celebration, poem, samhain

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