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Poem - My Humanity

The religions and spiritual paths of the world offer the remedial path for the human condition. The poem “My Humanity” is an examination of these paths.

My Humanity
Poem for Day 306 – 20151103

Pardon me while I trip,
sway under the weight of the world,
making the cardinal mistake
of revealing my humanity.

I look to the spiritual paths,
the search for something larger,
a place I can find retreat
from the place I find myself.

The holy book duly states
that mistakes are human based,
salvation is found in groveling,
admitting this lowly condition.

The enlightened ones project
that faults are the steps
towards an ascension fully shared,
when will the rest of us spiral up?

The eastern mystics sincerely state
that attachment is suffering,
stepping off the wheel is the path,
denial is the solution to earthly pain.

I wonder if there is a fit,
a modality that is my salve.
In my search I turn to these teachers,
the architects of the salvation prospective.

There I find lofty leaders with feet of clay,
signposts offering an unvisited destination,
bent by the weight of the world,
with their humanity fully revealed.

My trips are now seen as the natural
outcome to my inhabitation of earthly realm.
They are no longer mistakes that I make,
instead they are God's face on my humanity.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: poem, religion, seeking, spiritual

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