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Poem - Bedroom Eyes

The poem “Bedroom Eyes” is about the very personal gazes shared by dancers. It is pretty incredible when a partner is found who can return intimacy by a shared look. The poem explores the power of these moments, and hunger that is satisfied.

Bedroom Eyes
Poem for Day 307 – 20151104

Why do we dance with bedroom eyes,
shutters wide open to sky?
Searching for that in between,
the touchstone of what should be.
I am now revealed to the world
in this moment of openness.
Perhaps you feel the same as well,
for your eyes hold nothing back.

Somewhere there I'll find myself,
the piece of me far behind
during the journey's struggle
that brought me to this shore.
Before the dance I was lost,
traveling the lands far away,
unreconciled with the others
found there on the dusty trail.

So many partners looked away
unable to return my gaze.
I was diminished a little bit
each time I did not exist.
The world became inhospitable,
impersonal became the norm
as my vision turned to the sky
and the stars began to fade.

In that place I was nearly lost,
the lights gone out all around.
The dance saved my immortal soul,
in that place I found your face.
The spotlight found its mark,
resting on the unexpected,
fated partner of circumstance,
the one that I dance with now.

The shutters have been opened,
the sky shattered with God's light.
Recognition of shared humanity
brings me back from the fade.
The dance will be secondary,
the backdrop to the main event.
My soul now safely resting
in the arms of bedroom eyes.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: dancing, eyes, poem

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