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Poem - The Bearded Lady

The poem “The Bearded Lady” is about the unseen majority, those who defy the accepted standards of societal normality.

The Bearded Lady
Poem for Day 308 – 20151105

Farewell to the bearded lady,
goodbye to the dog faced boy,
the freaks are now among us,
but they're much more hard to find.
The big top is in front of you,
the attractions a glance away,
farewell to the overt freaks,
they are in your midst ever more.

Gender identity is a fluid thing,
the choice to be a girl or boy,
or somewhere in between,
to cis or not to cis quote the bard.
The outward expression my be subtle,
or completely out of sight,
the plumbing does not matter,
it is felt deep inside.

Consider the ways of sexual attraction,
the driver of shared intimacy,
who is chosen may surprise
the ones that drift by their lives.
Sadly the different too often are
in the in the closet's shadows.
The lucky few know the truth,
all others are outside the dark.

Lastly consider body modification,
transformation of the base degree.
Purveyors are like the iceberg,
a small portion is seen above the beam.
The outside trappings play a part,
tattoos and piercing are a start,
but there is so much more
that only intimates do explore.

These freaks are anything but,
so common as to blend in the crowd.
Normal becomes the exception
if the outliers are duly noted.
Open arms to the bearded lady,
the perfect standard is the freak.
Welcome to the dog faced boy,
he'll fit in with the rest of us.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: diversity, outliers, poem

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