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Poem - Fay Embrace

The poem “Fay Embrace” is about the nightly encounters in the realm of sleep.

Fay Embrace
Bonus Poem for Day 311 – 20151108

Sent from realms incorporeal,
perhaps from heaven or from hell,
neither mattered to me then
when intimacy was a kiss.

Your body held me close,
for a moment I was loss.
Submerged in earthly delight
in the realm off in the stars.

Our murmurs did lip breach,
spoken words to fill the space,
second to the physical,
chorus to the amour kept.

The world around a fantasy,
mirage of the day's awakening,
your reaction dispassionate,
so I carried on with our zeal.

I pushed forward in recklessness,
a soul driven to compensate
for a reality beyond the veil,
the waking dream yet incomplete.

Our tryst too soon ceased,
fading as smoke in that state.
Another scene took its place
as you were pulled from my arms.

Fay embrace in my dreams,
lovely phantom I do need,
I leave you now when I wake,
smiling as your kiss slowly fades.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: dreams, poem

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