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Poem - Visionist

I've created a new word: visionist. This person speaks their mind, be it truthtul or not, with the goal to share an inspired vision of who they are and what the world should be. This should not be confused with other words. All visionists are visionaries, but not all visionaries are visionists. Understand? Perhaps the poem “Visionist” will explain better.

Poem for Day 311 – 20151108

They call me the visionist,
I am here to inspire your life.
Matters not if my words aren't true,
as long as they strike a chord in you.
I've done well for myself,
but I imagine I could top even this.
Allow me to reveal a more perfect world,
the one where I climb to higher heights.

Sincerely felt as reality,
my visions proclaim with veracity.
It only matters if they speak
to the man I should have been.
The gospel in another realm,
alternative histories duly spun,
to inspire those unduly burdened
with the chains in a truthful world.

Outside the bounds of my visions
everything I speak is the truth.
No middle ground in my views,
you'll see only deceit and truth.
Separating these is difficult,
worry not as I cloud your minds.
Only the purest of frauds are pursued
to educate and to delude.

They call me the visionist,
the only truthful candidate.
All others are unduly bound
by the truth when they inspire.
To catch me out is not enough,
I will repeat my visions to the flock.
They want to hear my correct untruth,
to be inspired by my hypocrisy.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: poem, politics

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