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Poem - Isabelle's Dance

“Isabelle's Dance” is a dark poem with several levels of meaning. On one level it is about the pained lives I see in young people. At another level it is about my lost youth, and my inability to fully embrace the potential magic in that place. It is enough to bring tears to my eyes.

Isabelle's Dance
Poem for Day 312 – 20151109

Please dance with me Isabelle,
flower of this tainted age,
blossomed in an uncaring world
in your own barbed wire cage.
A thousand delights and a thousand pains
led you to my arms this very day.
I am not your destiny,
just a stop along the way,

I could say I've lived the same,
felt the thorns that pricked your skin,
but this would be far from true,
the wounds you felt are deeper still.
From my place of privilege,
safe in the barbs of chance,
the bruises I felt from abuse
are nothing compared to your misuse.

This penance is mine to embrace,
to seek common ground with you.
You are my salvation Isabelle,
bloody memory of what I've become.
Dance with me before you fade,
pass from my arms in perpetude.
Flowers are meant to dance,
and this I wish for Isabelle.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: dance, depression, pain, poem

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