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Poem - Journey of Flame

The poem “Journey of Flame” was inspired by a friend's posting about pursing a dharmic path. They spoke great truth with the statement “Yogis ask themselves constantly: 'Is this action or thought of mine dharmic? Is this action or thought of mine taking me closer to God or farther away from God?'".

Journey of Flame
Poem for Day 313 – 20151110

Child of the flame,
tempered by the heat,
impurities removed
by the journey's crucible.

Heart, mind,
focus, spirit,
showing the seeker's way,
flame to burn, light to see.

Heart overflowing
with a quest for affection,
steps guided by passion
for the self implicit.

Mind focused
on the words of power,
gateways of intention
to God's outward journey.

Focus directed
across all of space,
brothers and sisters
impacted by your walk.

Spirit striving
for the connection inherent,
moving towards the pure,
away from the distracting.

The distant is only part
of the longer journey,
consciousness gained
when all things are still.

Closer to God,
to your truest self,
the highest truth of all,
realized in practiced life.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: dharma, poem, spiritual journey

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