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Poem - The Album

I was sharing past photos with somebody dear to me, and I got thinking about how life turns around on itself. They are the same age as another person was in the past, someone important in my life. This dovetailed into thoughts about taking photos of young(er) dancers who could my my children. The result of these combined threads of thought is the poem “The Album”.

The Album
Poem for Day 314 – 20151111

The years have passed by,
their shadows deep on the ground,
gray has touched my hair,
and still I look to the past.
The years gaze back in the eyes
held in faded colors by photographs.
Frozen smiles holding space,
praying that we now feel the same.

The pages move towards the present day,
walk their way through the interval
between then and now life progressed
as shadows grew and we moved on.
Cut scenes from many joys,
some moved to tragic in their remorse.
Recorded tribulations were revealed
as stepping stones to better times.

A happy turn to the picture parade,
celebration of life in motion,
dedicates to music's hypnotic ways,
dance found in contra and swing.
Dancing partners now our past age,
fresh of spirit and keen to play,
like when we were much younger,
they were not yet born to the world.

And with this I'll close the album,
consider where we've been, what has become,
that the world is in fresher hands,
captured in our camera's lens.
Our children are now adults,
their own photos pile upon,
the cycle of adulthood continues on
as we fade in the passing years.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: memories, photo, poem

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