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Poem - Brave Ones

I came across talented and brutally honest poetry while I was looking over those who had liked my Tumblr posts. I really appreciate those who put their own work, the output of their minds, on this thing called social media. It is one thing to commiserate with the postings of others. It is another to take the self as inspiration. The personal will leak out, and the best work will see the soulful self on full display.

Brave Ones
Poem for Day 315 – 20151112

Blessed be the brave ones,
those that share their lives.
Outward expression is their voice,
traveling where most may not.

When enough is kindly shared
the revelations plumb below,
move to the personal side,
the most inner shown to all.

The photographs move beyond
the pretty pretty of the world,
shifting to the predilections
of the face behind the mask.

The painting's colors run wild,
light to shine and blood to flow,
pigments used to trace within,
turning outward to life's canvas.

Video turns to the mundane,
commercial's contrast in extreme,
so many sights to reveal
when only the soul is on display.

Written words may entertain,
blogs to speak to greater things,
generic content no longer hides
a world's perspective then printed.

Lyrics, words of poetry,
so much said with hyperbole,
listen to the words' meaning
straight from the soul's bequeathing.

The brave ones seem confused,
give them credit for their muse.
Too much now shown to those who see
vulnerable aspects not concealed.

Original product on display,
contents shared with the world.
So many ways to demonstrate
the inner most secrets now revealed.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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