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Poem - Dance Again

Most nights of swing dancing find me asking a few people for multiple dances over the length of the evening. I would like to think it isn't because I'm dancing with a restrictive clique. Introspection tells me that I enjoy different partners for different styles of music. Also, if I seem to favor a partner it isn’t because I’m mashing on them. It is because we work well together for the dances at hand! The poem “Dance Again” attempts to explain this phenomenon.

Dance Again
Poem for Day 316 – 20151113

I will dance with all who ask,
this is at heart a social event!
But do know that on my own
I will gladly defer to some special ones.

Consider me diversified,
a different fave for each type of dance,
experts at the right expression
of melody and pace I want tonight.

Some partners like to dance real slow,
soulful response to the magic of blues.
Others hop to the jive town beat,
metronome turned to the very max.

I'll dance with them two or three times,
more the magic if the dance is long enough.
The lure becomes that of the dance,
hoping the other enjoys it as much as I.

At night's end I'll take my leave,
retire from the dance floor happy but beat.
I look forward to new and old,
future night to do this again once more.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: dance, poem

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