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Poem - Ugly Holiday Sweater

The focus on red holiday cups got me thinking about the symbolism of the Yule season. The poem “Ugly Holiday Sweater” pays homage, in a joshing way, to the hallmarks of Yule.

Ugly Holiday Sweater
Poem for Day 317 – 20151114

Some people say I'm seeing red,
righteous anger stirred below.
Monochrome cups have justified
my ire with the rude simplicity.
The season calls for decoration,
outside acknowledgment
of Yule's magic in our lives,
symbols to recall the old times.

Witness Kris Kringle ride
on the back of his goat steed,
inspired by the mighty Thor
with two goats in chariot front.
Pay head to bright Saint Nick,
flecked with many a color,
gift giver during the dark times,
leader of the wild hunt in the sky.

Hang mistletoe from on high,
colorful invite for the fertile.
Be blessed by kisses underneath
in the presence of the evergreen.
Red and green are proper hues
for this very time of year.
Male and female are represent
in the red berries and green leaves.

So I'll drink my wassail as I sit,
waiting for the neighbors to arrive,
and for this I need decoration
on my festive holiday mug.
If I cannot have this simple request,
my tankard made plain by corporations,
I'll don my festive garb of the season,
my ugly holiday sweater.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: holiday, poem, yule

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