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Poem - Flawless Swing

One of the ironies of life is that a dance style, Swing, does not embody the perfection of the swing dance move. I find it instead in contradancing. I may not be able to dip with a twit, but I do love a good swing with my dance partners. Most nights I am lucky enough to meet a few that synchronize their lives with me for a handful of minutes, and in that space, we create dance magic.

Flawless Swing
Poem for Day 318 – 20151115

Allow me to imagine the flawless swing,
hallmark of the divine shared.
Connected, supporting, equals met
in perfection's moment on the earth.
How is this marvelous thing realized
in the space of bodies socialized?
Strangers met on the stage of life,
asked to dance to the divine's delight.

Movement becomes the key,
the quick pacing with no shimmy,
gliding around a central core
of bodies shared yet separate still.
Neither carried by the other,
each the master of their destiny.
The end result shared in kind,
motion ideal in swing conceived.

Independent of looks or age,
no class incumbent on the end result.
Anybody may fully satisfy
the siren's call to the faultless turn.
Size matters little in the end result,
differences compensated in careful step.
Bodies balanced, ready to fly,
one to another, unequals meshed.

In the end I can experience
the gliding, soaring, sailing,
the very being of motion shared
with a person in balanced sway.
I've imagined the flawless swing,
brought to my reality by another one,
joined by the dance's purist form,
the swing divine by souls combined.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: dance, poem, swing

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