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Poem - Younger Life

I find myself surrounded by the beauty of youth. I also find incredible joy in seeing young(er) people participating in social dancing. Their embracing this life fulfilling activity is a wondrous thing, and at a young(er) age, this can only bode well for their futures. I am in the seniors of this group, perhaps showing that even the old(er) can be young at heart. I don't know, but the poem “Younger Life” is an examination of my life amongst the young(er) people of the world, and the lessons they teach me.

Younger Life
Bonus Poem for Day 318 – 20151115

Remind me of my younger life,
occasions met now passed along,
the time that slipped on by
while I was too busy living life.
Now I am gray in the span of years,
experienced in the loss of heart,
broken down by grinding pain,
and wishing for another chance.

I'm sure I was your age,
logic dictates it should have been,
but somehow I missed inherent joy,
possibilities of youth's loving ways.
My memories drift from happiness,
instead dwelling on the difficult.
I am sure that fate brought my way
the opportunities of these younger ones.

The sadness encroached on the sides,
adulting brought to forefront,
aging me beyond wheel's turns
when I should have rose above.
I thought I was worthless then,
not worthy to enjoy the fruits therein,
dead inside while the bloom of youth
was wasted on the beliefs of doom.

The beauty was present all around,
as much as now, but closer at hand.
How could I have been so blind
when I was young and could not see?
Shyness tied my heart in chains,
held back my tongue so I could not talk,
held back my words of passion’s breath
when we had the years to sally forth.

You remind me of my younger life,
yet in this place I find some hope.
The younger life is a frame of mind,
with time relative to all mankind.
I can focus on the here and now,
see my youth in the place I live.
In that way I will realize
that youthful ways are mine to have.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: aging, life, poem, youth

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