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Poem - City in the Sky

The poem “City in the Sky” speaks to the looking back at the past and those things that may be glimpsed, but not truly lived once they are past.

City in the Sky
Poem for Day 319 – 201511156

City in the sky
where I did reside
seen at a distant
only imagined
in my memories
faded reflections
of what could have been.

Visit for a time,
take in the bright sights,
fay phantom walking
I am the tourist
vicarious life
the interloper
the base intruder
a fleeting squatter
here in the city.

Those who walk the streets
wear the age old masks
handed down through time
by the ones before.
There I see my own face
mask on a stranger
passed by the turning
of eternity.

Why didn't I
fully embrace the
my time embodied
by the boundaries
of my time begun
and ended to short?
Only God may know
perhaps I will find
the answer beyond.
Now I flit as a ghost
disquiet haunt in
the city in the sky.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: aging, generations, memories, poem

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