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Poem - This Waking Daydream

Due warning, the poem / lyrics “This Waking Daydream” is about sleeping erotic dreams. This is a bit more explicitly racy than my normal camouflaged fare! I consider these lyrics because of the five syllable lines. A sexy little tune would turn this right into a song.

This Waking Daydream
Poem for Day 321 – 20151118

I dreamt of your touch
a simple caress
no strings attached
in the realm outside
this waking daydream.

Another face shown
the fondle the same
producing pleasure
in the realm beyond
this waking daydream.

Pardon indulgence
my proclivity
for the fey pleasure
in the realm apart
this waking daydream.

I'll sleep again
hope to encounter
the last libertine
in the realm behind
this waking daydream.

This waking daydream
leaving it behind
this waking daydream
on the other side
this waking daydream.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: daydream, dream, erotic, poem

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