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Poem - The Crumb

“The Crumb” is a poem about the information that passes as facts on the internet. They are almost facts, mostly true at some level, but the outcome is completely false for the larger context. Agendas and desired narratives rule. Memes strike the emotional centers like a guided missiles. Nobody is immune, including myself.

The Crumb
Poem for Day 323 – 20151120

Take a soundbite
the briefest of the small
split it again until
it is a crumb with no meaning.

So useful are these crumbs
used by all around
to grow the hideous fruit
and poison the sanity.

Crumbs slipped into
all those closed minds.
Between the cracks
fertile soil to be found.

Aberrant creations fostered
sanity cruelly destroyed
the harvest will enrich
the army of the crumbs.

Other crumbs need not apply
the soil will solidify.
Echoing crumbs will situate
as decoration on the plant.

No need for confirmation
the crumbs are self contained
with all the nutrients
required by shrinking minds.

The honest thought is AOL
in the crumb's meme or quote.
The crumb shrinks to a size
from which no truth can survive.

Hideous harvest
by the basketful.
Thank the crumb for salvation
from sanity’s thoughtfulness.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: poem, propoganda

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