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Poem - Grief

The processing of grief a too often occurrence. The poem “Grief” explores the five stages of grief.

Poem for Day 324 – 20151121

Stages of grief
the journey within
the rest of the world
immune to the pain.

The cut is so deep
down to the bone
raw to the touch
I feel so alone.

How could this be
the world on its head
alien terrain
where the world use to be.

I'll take my revenge
vent my pure rage
if only a target
was here in my face.

What can I provide
to make you comply?
Let's find an agreement
escape from this place.

The present is empty
the emotions are low
the void the center
of the life I as now know.

The stages now end
my life it goes on
the past has not changed
yet my life is its own.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: grief, poem

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