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Poem - Shadow's Glare

Creativity has a schizophrenic relationship with the establishment of order. The righteous celebrate beauty begrudgingly, knowing that some core of human experience demands the outlay of vision beyond correct living. The wholesome path challenges the artist, asking them to step away from the most dogmatic of strictures. The poem “Shadow's Glare” explores this state of existence.

Shadow's Glare
Poem for Day 325 – 20151122

I can live too long in the norm,
the rules pressing on every side.
The stolid forms hide the sky
so I call out to the one beyond.
Father to some and enemy to most,
gateway to the outer realms,
you are the muse of rebel heart,
sweep the cobwebs from my life.

Where is the Morning Star,
agent of life's other side?
Salvation found at leading edge,
beware the trap of loftiness.
The primal is pride's suitor,
a fall would the consequence
if I embrace only with my heart,
leave the soul no recompense.

Temptation is not my sole desire.
I do want to take the cost.
I look instead to the spark,
inspiration to take me far.
I seek to walk the line,
step outside of other's walls.
The rules still ask for their share
when I seek the shadow's glare.

Not to be thrust from righteous sight,
fall away from the shared brilliance,
instead to see life in another way
through the eyes of the Jinn.
I seek the middle way,
made of clay by God above,
neither the fire nor the fall,
the best I can do on this earth.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: creation, poem, temptation

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