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Poem - Gentle Dancer

The poem “Gentle Dancer” about the dancers that are no longer around, but are still missed terribly.

Gentle Dancer
Poem for Day 326 – 20151123

Where are you gentle dancer,
partner for the light fantastic?
The floor that once was the focus
is now empty without your charm.

Where are you forever partner
from the span of the past songs?
The tunes aren't quite the same
with the heart of the music gone.

How long do I have to wait
before we I see the familiar face?
I suppose a photo will have to do
until I can dance with you.

My questions linger in the air,
DJ lend you magic here.
The score will lure you back,
the frolic again in my life.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: dancer, dancing, poem

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