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Poem - Another Birthday

Facebook is derrided for many things. One of the things it does well is to keep me updated on my friends' birthdays. In some cases I am reminded of birthdays for those who have parted. There is a place for this also. The poem “Another Birthday” is about the power of place of birthdays in our lives.

Another Birthday
Poem for Day 328 – 20151125

Another birthday out of the way.
Another year spent in this place.
Yearly nods to self and friends,
reminders of time's marching pace.

Younger ones mark the shorter lives,
the gulf between now and what used to be.
There is no need for jealousy,
the wheel will turn for them as well.

Move forward the generations,
they in my place with seasons passed.
I'll be moved beyond the veil
with my birthday a memorial.

People recognize their time together,
acknowledge both those close and those far,
we lucky ones of breath still had
and those who have passed beyond.

So light the candles on the cake,
raise the glass in loud salute.
Another year has pass us by,
mark it well in and carry on.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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